Ricky Alvarez pt. 2

Whilst it’s not confirmed he’s going to Arsenal, he’d be a decent fit for them.

He currently plays for Velez who are a great outfit, they missed out on the Apertura title by a whisker and are now leading the Clausura. They’re also in the Semi’s of the Libertadores and with lots of big guns having crashed out, they’ve got a great chance at a historic double.

Their midfield is an excellent unit, one that is filled with brilliant ball-players and playmakers (this is where Arsenal come in). In Maxi Moralez, Velez have one of the top domestically-based players. He’s a tiny little bloke but immensely talented, his size is less of a disadvantage than it would be in some European leagues (and hence why he returned to Argentina). They also have David Ramirez and Augusto Fernandez who are the same sort of player and Alvarez fits in nicely with this.

Behind him, he usually has Emiliano Papa. An excellent full/wing-back who is willing to overlap and combine with him on the left. In the Apertura, this attacking midfield was anchored by the excellent Leandro Somoza who has since signed for Boca but as Arsenal have found since the departure of Vieira to Juve (what seems like an eternity ago), if you have a midfield stuffed with creative talent then you also need to have some big fucker in there to break it up and give them the ball.

This would be a great signing for Arsenal (especially if it’s free – given it’s a rumoured pre-contract deal) but they would obviously need to address the other deficiencies in their side. I won’t go into these however, as Arsenal fans (and in fact the whole world) seem to know where these lie.

Any Arsenal fans with questions left unanswered by the blog should comment below or (preferably) ask me on twitter @eaamalyon


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