Olvidé yo

Sozzles, looks like I forgot to write an article for the second half of the weekend preview. Not to worry, I will do a REview instead, coming Tuesday. Yeah, that’s a treat for all you regular readers isn’t it (all 350 of you per day).

Really heating up though, the title race is more like one of those slow races where nobody wants to win it, truly bizarre, and therefore there’s still plenty of teams in the mix at this stage. 8 games left and I’ll stick my neck out for Velez. I think River lack the strikers to win the league, especially with the insistence on using Pavone who is absolute dog shit (in the opinion of this writer etc etc) ahead of Caruso and even RG Funes Mori (who isn’t anywhere near as good as the press say but is still better than Pavone). Estudiantes will get to the semis of the Libertadores and persist in chucking away domestic points if you ask me, and will finish third.

As I say though, more tomorrow….


About Ed Malyon

Freelance sport and betting journalist. Specialises in Argieball, Eurostuff, and Quicket.
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2 Responses to Olvidé yo

  1. ich0 (mike) says:

    waited till tuesday, and all you revealed were lies! how dare you lol! i was wondering if you post a thought about this new fangled plan Dr.Vila has for AFA if elected. He does a press event every full moom regarding it. could be dangerous, likely unlikeable, probably contagious. like cellphone carpal tunnel cancer.

    • Ed Malyon says:

      Haha sorry mate, it’s been a busy week being back in England and with the Royal Wedding and stuff! I will look at the Vila plans in a bit more details and give you a blogazo about it. I promise this time.

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