A really poor day. All three sides that you really fancied to win, couldn’t. Seemingly nobody wins the title and the last two weeks have been very disappointing from a betting point of view but at the end of the day Geoff, we’re gonna have to move on and forget it. The better prices help compensate but this weekends results are almost what you’d expect from a normal league: mainly home wins and the better teams being held on the road.

Fuck normal. We want our craziness back, although if you watched the first few games on Sunday, there was no shortage of craziness and in my article on Martin Stracqualarsi coming soon, you’ll see exactly what I mean. The game at the Bombonera was a veritable partidazo with golazos left right and centre.

Boludo out for now.


About Ed Malyon

Freelance sport and betting journalist. Specialises in Argieball, Eurostuff, and Quicket.
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